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Importers threaten to turn off fuel supply

A MAJOR fuel crisis is looming as the government finds itself between a rock and a hard place over oil imports. The refusal of the House of Representatives to approve petrol pump price rises on Thursday has now led oil importing companies threatening not to bring in any more crude.

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Court official ‘took £300 bribe’

A COURT official has been caught red-handed accepting a £300 bribe in order not to deliver a summons, police reported yesterday.

The 28-year-old official, from Pallouriotissa in Nicosia, was arrested at Pera Chorio village at around 7pm on Friday after allegedly receiving bribe money from the man to whom he was meant to issue the summons.

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From Siberia to Cyprus: a fruitful move

IT’S quite a way from Siberia to Cyprus. Yet that was the extraordinary route travelled by a young David Slonim in the early years of the last century.

David was just seven when his family left Siberia in 1912. Nineteen years later, he arrived in Cyprus via Palestine, where the family was caught up in the First World War.

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1974 war victim buried

THE REMAINS of 19-year-old Sotiris Hadjikyriakou, who was killed during front-line fighting against Turkish troops during the 1974 invasion, were buried yesterday morning at Makedonitissa cemetery after a funeral service in Ayii Pandes church.

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