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Ministry calls on private schools to synchronise entrance exams

THE EDUCATION Ministry is stepping in to get the island’s private secondary schools to synchronise announcement of their entrance exam results.

The current system — with different private schools announcing entrance exam results at different times — was creating serious problems for pupils and parents, the House Education Committee heard yesterday.

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Paphos Bishop hits back at calls for resignation

THE Bishop of Paphos, Chrysostomos, yesterday hit back at a group of parishioners demanding his resignation on grounds that he is more interested in business than spirituality.

The bishop does have extensive business interests, but he insisted yesterday that he and his Paphos clergy worked tirelessly for good of the faithful.

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Co-op banks to be included on dud cheque blacklist plan

CO-OPERATIVE bank chiefs were yesterday divided in their opinion of a House Finance Committee decision to back a bill that would put cheque-bouncing co-op customers on a blacklist.

Plans for such a list had so far been restricted to commercial bank customers.

The Committee’s decision came during a closed meeting on Monday.

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