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When the Samba meets Kung Fu

WAKING up on a Sunday morning is not my cup of tea, but if it meant learning a few self-defence moves and dancing to Brazilian music at the same time, I could do it. It isn’t Kung Fu and it isn’t karate, it’s Capoeira. Straight from the London School of Capoeira came Contra Master Marcos and Master Sylvia to give Cyprus a Capoeira shake.

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LOCAL cuisine is not as adventurous as neighbouring countries when it comes to quince. The traditional way of using the fruit is either by making jam, jelly or paste. But quince goes well with pork, so the combination of spices and apples – a fruit always associated with pork – seemed a good bet. Use less spice if you are not too keen on cinnamon or cumin.

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A good roasting

Can’t quite get that filo pastry right? There is a cookery school in Limassol that could help you

MOST men I am acquainted with boast of their proficiency in the kitchen but only when it comes to the art of barbequing. Then, if you pose the question ‘What else can you cook?’ the answer will always include ‘Spag Bol’; as we all know, one of the traditional male tools of seduction.

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Wine from the driest state on earth

The wine guy

SOUTH Australians are fond of telling you they live in the driest state in the driest continent on earth. ‘Australia is a big, old, dry, biscuit,’ they will tell you. It is true. Australia is the oldest, flattest and most arid continent. Two hundred years ago settlers came from very different lands, including the wet, fertile countries of western Europe.

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Cook off

There’s more to Cypriot cuisine than souvla as the island’s team at the Culinary Olympics showed

THERE’S more to cooking in Cyprus than slapping copious amounts of meat on the barbeque, as the Cyprus National Culinary Olympic Team proved when they picked up four medals at the recent culinary Olympics.

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Winter essentials covered

If your winter wardrobe needs perking up, Marks and Spencer has all the basics covered in an elegant style

WHITE tents and expensive cars outside, photographers and elegant ladies chatting inside. This was the scene last week for Marks and Spencer’s presentation of their 2004 autumn/winter collection at the department store in Acropolis, Nicosia. And very stylish it was too.

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Mist, silence and tension


DIRECTED BY Andrei Zvyagintsev

STARRING Vladimir Garin, Ivan Dobronravov, Konstantin Lavronenko

Russia 2003 110 mins.

In Russian, with Greek subtitles.



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Women charged over snail purchase

THREE WOMEN were charged and released yesterday for buying 7.5 kilos of snails from Famagusta in the occupied north. The snails were found in a routine search of a car.
Pyla police stopped a car on the Pyla-Larnaca road driven by a 39-year-old and with two passengers, aged 60 and 62.

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