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Farcical Cyprus Airways GM ends in landslide vote

THE MAJORITY of Cyprus Airways shareholders last night approved its board of directors go ahead with a strategic plan to save the flagging airline.

The board called the extraordinary general meeting to put the following ‘special vote’ to the shareholders: “That the company may continue to operate in the best possible way that the circumstances allow.”

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‘CY will survive’

Thrasou makes public pledge to save national carrier

CLOSING down Cyprus Airways (CY) is not an option despite the current crisis in the airline, Communications and Works Minister Haris Thrasou said yesterday.

Thrasou called on all sides in the CY dispute to pull together and said it was not the time to question the board or think about replacing it.

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What’s On

Shaen Dry
An exhibition of digital art. November 29-December 11. Opus 39 Gallery, 21 Kimonos St., Strovolos. Open Mon. 5pm-8pm, Tue.-Sat. 10.30am-12.30pm and 5pm-8pm. Tel: 22-424983.

Janna Sabinina

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When Confucius said “eating is the most important thing in life” he affirmed the important role that food has historically played in Chinese culture and civilisation. Though it is difficult to generalise about a cuisine that has many so many regional variations, there are some consistencies in this country’s extensive gastronomical traditions.

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Human Monsters

STALIN’S niece Kira Allilueva told biographer Robert Service in 1998, “He could be very entertaining”.
The dictator had her jailed in his last round of purges, after the Second World War, but she still remembered how kind he had been to her when she was a little girl, how he took her on his knee and sang songs to her – and that he had a fine singing voice.

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I refer to your front page coverage of November 28, 2004 under the title “Above the Law – Deputies won’t pay their parking fines”. Please note the following:

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