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Cyprus – the island for all seasons

CYPRUS is, without doubt, a great tourist destination. We all know it, we’ve all seen the statistics and we all know that thousands of tourists from all over the world visit our island every year. So why do we Cypriots constantly choose to go abroad?

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With friends like these…

The last time Greece tried to oust a Cypriot President was the coup against Makarios in 1974. A few days later the Turks invaded. With friends like that who need enemies?
Dr Michael Paraskos,

Cyprus College of Art, Paphos

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Watchdog puts a stop to LTV-CyTA deal

THE COMPETITION Commission (CC) yesterday decided not to allow the mammoth and lucrative deal between the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority (CyTA) and Cypriot pay-television channel LTV to take place.

The commission ruled that the deal ran counter to competition safety legislation.

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Committee proposes Child Health Institute

THE HOUSE Health Committee yesterday discussed the need for the creation of a Child Health Institute, which would encompass both children’s physical and mental issues, and improve research as well as advance health policies and systems that promote the health and wellbeing of children.

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Minister pledges to revitalise healthcare

HEALTH MINISTER Charis Charalambous yesterday met with the House Health Committee for the first time, leaving its deputies hopeful that they could work well with the new minister who appeared to recognise the need for improvement in public healthcare and came across as open to positive change.

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