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Meat shortage looms as abattoir strike bites

CYPRIOTS could soon be forced into vegetarianism with workers at the island’s main abattoir in Kofinou one week into a strike and showing no signs of backing down.
According to disgruntled employees, the two main reasons for the strike are disagreement regarding sick leave, and the management’s “one-sided” decision to impose pay cuts for employees with unexcused absences from work

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Ajet banned from landing in fog

AJET – formerly Helios Airways – has been barred from landing in fog, after authorities deemed the airline could not guarantee safety in such conditions.
This was confirmed yesterday by Civil Aviation director Leonidas Leonidou, who said the airline’s licence to land in low-visibility conditions – known as Cat II & III – had been revoked as of last week.

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Synod delays on poll objections

THE HOLY Synod did not yesterday ratify the results of last Sunday’s Archbishopric elections due to the large number of objections regarding voter irregularities.
Only when the Holy Synod ratifies Sunday’s results will the 100 Electors be officially distributed among the three remaining candidates – the Limassol Bishop, the Kykkos Bishop and the Paphos Bishop.

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One man’s personal solution to the Cyprus problem

GREEK Cypriot refugee Kyriacos Myrianthis has returned to occupied Davlos, the village where he was born and raised, after 32 years of longing to spend his last years in his beloved birthplace.
Myrianthis, 68, was yesterday quoted in Politis, speaking about his desire to live out the remaining years of his life in the village he fled following the 1974 Turkish invasion.

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Water board promises action on murky water

THE Larnaca Water Board yesterday promised an immediate investigation after a local resident complained that her drinking water was unfit for consumption.
Elly Rousou, who moved into an apartment complex in the town 15 years ago, told the Cyprus Mail that she noticed a problem two years ago.

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A pitiful message on public transport

BARELY three months ago, the government announced plans for a £350 million cash injection in to the country’s ailing public transport infrastructure, setting as a target the increase in bus use from the current two per cent to 10 per cent by 2013.

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