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Women’s business

When professional women link up to help each other

Far more unites men and women than divides them, but, when it comes to networking, the maintaining of friendships and mutually beneficial business contacts, women win hands down.

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What’s On by Zoe Christodoulides

Carnival time

Dig out that wig and the dodgy outfit

Somewhere tucked away at the back of our wardrobe we’ve all got one. It’s that glittery and hideously bright costume that we cringe to look at but somehow still absolutely adore. We wouldn’t of course be seen dead in it under any normal circumstances. But we do love to make excuses to put it on.

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Diary By Agnieszka Rakoczy

Love, the single girl and the Tube

Visiting London is always good for me. To start with, I can get hold of more English newspapers. Secondly, I can go and see some good plays. Thirdly, it helps me realise that I wouldn’t really want to move back to the UK because life there has become too complicated.

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Cocktail of the week with Fabrizio Musorella

PS I love you
St Valentine’s Day is approaching and it’s that time of year when everybody feels in love (at least for one day) and when hotels, restaurants and bars prepare specialties for the most romantic day of the year. On this day, you can also say “I Love You” by making the cocktail below or one of your own love potions. Salute and happy San Valentino!

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