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AHEPA honours Efthyvoulos Paraskevaides

IN A ceremony held on April 9 at the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia, the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) awarded its  2010 Academy of Achievement Award in Business to Efthyvoulos Paraskevaides of Joannou & Paraskevaides.
The ceremony was attended by First Lady Elsie Christofias, Finance Minister Charilaos Stavrakis,Greek Ambassador Vassilis Papaioannou and other dignitaries and AHEPA representatives.
Costas Pereos Past President of AHEPA’s Cyprus Chapter and host for the event said Efthyvoulos Paraskevaides  was being honoured, not only because of his successful career but also his future vision, leadership and contributions to the business community, Hellenism and the people of Cyprus.

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Cypriots fear worse to come

MORE THAN one in two Cypriots say their financial situation has worsened in the past year – the highest such results from people polled in the annual ‘Cyprobarometer’ since 1997.

Although 40 per cent said their personal financial situation had not changed last year, 51 per cent said it had gotten worse.

The situation was worst in Paphos where more than three out of four – 76 per cent – said their finances had deteriorated, followed by Famagusta district where two thirds of those polled had a similar story.

The main sufferers were people in the 45-54 age group in which 57 per cent have been feeling the pinch.

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House give the nod for €60 million towards Greek bailout

PARLIAMENT yesterday gave the nod to a €60 million loan as Cyprus’ contribution to the economic aid plan for Greece put together by the EU and the IMF.

Speaking at the House, Finance Minister Charilaos Stavrakis said the additional expenditure would not impact Cyprus’ fiscal deficit. Eurostat has informed contributing EU nations that the amount of the loans would not factored in when calculating their fiscal deficits.

The extra expenditure would only affect public debt to the tune of 1 per cent of GDP over a three-year period, Stavrakis said.

Cyprus’ contribution could go up if the EU decided to raise the overall economic aid package for Greece, he added.

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Our View: Talking is easier than scrutinising legislation

VERY OFTEN House Committees operate as little more than a talking shop, or – to put it more politely – as a forum, in which deputies can express their views on issues of public interest. A committee meeting is often just like a studio debate, having no other purpose than for deputies to comment on a topic in the news in the hope that their views will be reported subsequently by the media.

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Doctors: ‘we didn’t dump premature baby

A PRE-TERM baby girl mistakenly left for dead as a miscarried foetus at Limassol hospital was yesterday fighting for her life with a fifty-fifty chance of survival, doctors said.

The 24-week old premature infant is currently being treated at a hospital in Nicosia after being saved by a hospital cleaner some five hours later, reports said.

Authorities launched investigations into the report, which claimed medical staff had left the miscarried foetus for dead. The hospital vehemently denied the claim. Both the police and the health ministry are conducting investigations.

According to daily Alithia, the 29-year-old Cypriot mother was rushed to hospital last Thursday where she believed she was having a miscarriage.

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‘What if he kills me?’ Mother begs court to lock up her son

A Nicosia mother who said her son had been beating her for three years, yesterday broke down in court when the judge refused to have him committed

“He’s been beating me every day for three years. I want him locked up in a psychiatric hospital…. I want him out of my house…,” sobbed the helpless mother-of-four.

Agni Petrou said her 19-year-old son beat both her and his two brothers aged 21 and 17 who had special needs.

But Nicosia Judge Yiota Kyriakides explained that she could not have someone committed simply because he was violent.

“He displays aggressive behaviour but shows no indication of psychiatric problems. In light of this I cannot have him committed to a psychiatric hospital,” the judge said.

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‘Asylum seekers receiving too many benefits’

TWO DIKO deputies have tabled a proposal to reduce the amount of state benefits received by asylum seekers because many receive “massive funds” they said.

The proposal would legislate the funds and benefits asylums seekers receive as they are higher than those received by Cypriots, deputies Zacharias Koulias and Fytos Constantinou said.

The proposed law foresees that asylum seekers receive 20 per cent of the amount received by Cypriots.

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Alarm over rise in racially-motivated incidents

IMMIGRANT support group KISA has sounded the alarm over the rise in apparently racially-motivated crime following the firebombing of a Palestinian cultural centre in Larnaca.

Around 1am on Wednesday the cultural centre was broken into and torched. The perpetrators left a warning on the walls, in red paint, reading: “You started, we finish it. Not the end.”

Larnaca CID is investigating. No suspects have been named.

The building was being used by Larnaca’s Palestinian community as an activities centre and a school where, among other things, Palestinians take Greek language lessons.

KISA is concerned because despite the increase in similar acts against immigrants, authorities do not seem to be taking matters seriously.

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Sixteen-year debate on phone tapping wraps up

PARLIAMENTATRY parties yesterday agreed to amend the island’s constitution to allow phone tapping after almost 16 years of discussions.

House Legal Affairs Committee chairman, DISY’s, Ionas Nicolaou said the amendment would be tabled before plenum for approval possibly next Thursday after certain details were ironed-out.

The Committee yesterday presented the party leaders’ weekly meeting with the final draft of the amendment, with two suggestions: either to include the crimes that will allow communications surveillance in a separate law, or to include them in the Constitution.

Despite being deemed “unorthodox”, parties adopted, by majority vote, ruling AKEL’s suggestion to include the offences in the Constitution.

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No NHS until at least 2012

MPS yesterday said it was highly unlikely that the National Health Scheme (NHS) would be up and running by 2012, despite claims to the contrary by the Health Insurance Organisation (HIO).

Speaking after the House Health Committee had discussed the Organisation’s budget, deputies said preparations for the NHS were moving at a “snail’s pace” and deemed its 2012 implementation at the least “ambitious”.

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