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Cabinet cuts politicians' police guards


THE cabinet has cut the number of police officers guarding politicians by 26 to 94, the force said yesterday.

The move came as fresh reports emerged this week of politicians using the police officers assigned to them to run errands.

There has also been heavy criticism regarding the large number of guards assigned to certain politicians.

Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said the 26 officers returning to normal duties “effectively equal the personnel of a local police station.”

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Our View: Limitations of crowd pleaser Christofias exposed


IN AN INTERVIEW published in Politis, two weeks ago, the former Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat said that his friend President Christofias wanted a Cyprus settlement, “but he was a coward”. He was afraid of his government alliance partners, and “wanted to have the backing of the big majority of the Greek Cypriots, 80 per cent,” explained Talat.

The cowardice Talat spoke about has been evident through most of the Christofias presidency, which has been singularly unable to deal decisively with any of the big issues it has faced. In these three-and-a-half years, Christofias has exhibited most of the traits of weak leadership from fear of taking unpopular decisions to abrogation of responsibility and hyper-sensitivity to criticism.

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Tales from the coffeeshop: Hands off the doctor’s cops

WE WOULD like to make it abundantly clear that although we object in principle to the practice of giving police bodyguards to our leading politicians to use as chauffeurs, errand boys, olive-pickers etc, we fully support the right of Dr Faustus Lyssarides to keep his 11-strong army of servants for as long as he is alive.

It is just a small token of our society’s appreciation for all the sacrifices he has made for us in his long and distinguished political career for which he gave up a thriving medical practice. The pay and the fringe benefits of the political career may have been much better but the job was much more difficult.

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Germany exit leaves Cyprus as last major UK base


CYPRUS will be left as the only significant accompanied military posting outside the United Kingdom as a drawdown of British forces from bases in Germany gets underway.

Ministry of Defence officials announced that 1,800 soldiers will leave Germany within the next few months, followed by another 8,200 by 2015.  

The rest will be back in the UK before the end of the decade.

An MOD statement confirmed that as part of the reorganisation, two regiments currently serving in Cyprus will also return to the UK instead of their previous bases in Germany.

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"Moody's self-fulfilling prophecy was irresponsible"


A REFERENCE in a Moody’s Investors Services report claiming that Cyprus may not only resort to a bailout, but also may have its debt restructured “someday”, was the cause of much upset at the finance ministry. 

It also led to a strong reaction by finance minister Kikis Kazamias, who compared it with a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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Traffic jam traps shoppers for over an hour in IKEA car park

SCORES OF shoppers were left furious yesterday after suffering anxiety and exhaust fume inhalation when they were forced to wait over an hour to leave the IKEA underground car park in Nicosia due to severe congestion.

Queues of cars sat stationary with their motors running during the Saturday afternoon rush hour often seen at The Mall of Cyprus and IKEA.

One driver described the scene as being “truly awful and chaotic” and told how she and her two toddlers were stuck in a non-moving queue of cars trying to exit the underground parking lot.

“We left the shop at 4.30pm and didn’t manage to get out of the car park until 5.45pm.

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Mavrou opens election office in Nicosia

A CLOWN entertained passers-by while balloons floated by yesterday on the Ledra-Onasagorou fork in old Nicosia, part of the inauguration for the current Mayor of Nicosia’s meeting space for her re-election campaign.

“The public can use this space to come and share their thoughts, views and worries just like they have been doing the past five years,” Nicosia Mayor Eleni Mavrou said.

She added that in the run-up to the December 18 municipal elections, people could come in daily to learn what had been done during her office and what plans were in the works for the future.

People lingered on munching on bites, having drinks and enjoying the music around the space, which Mavrou said carried symbolic significance for its proximity to the green line.

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Record tourism figures in north


TURKISH Cypriot ‘prime minister’ Irsen Kucuk reportedly said yesterday that this year was the best ever for tourism in the north since 1974. 

Kucuk was talking at the world tourism forum in Kyrenia, Turkish Cypriot press reported. 

He said he was hoping the next year would be even better than this one.

Tourists have been arriving on charter flights via Turkey from the Netherlands, Poland, Azerbaijan and Iran, tourism ‘minister’ Unal Ustel had said in August. 

He had previously stated that the breakaway regime wanted to raise tourism capacity from about 19,000 beds to 40,000. 


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Christofias top of Papademos contacts list


THE ECONOMIC crisis may have divided the Greek government, but Greece-Cyprus ties remain strong after it emerged President Demetris Christofias was the first state leader to receive a call from Greek Prime Minister Loucas Papademos, after his appointment to the job, it emerged yesterday.

Christofias received the call from Papademos on Friday after he was sworn in to head up an emergency coalition, which now has the daunting task of steering Greece through its financial crisis.

According to an official statement, Christofias congratulated Papademos and wished him every success in this task, before calling Greek President Carolos Papoulias to show his support for the Greek people.

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Wedding cash

MORE THAN 1,000 British, Russian and Israeli couples wed in Paphos last year, earning €500,000 for the municipality, it emerged yesterday.

According to Paphos Municipal Councillor Katerina Charalambidou, this has been a vital source of revenue for the municipality, bringing with it a much needed boost in additional tourism.

Charalambidou said that in the past two years, the number of couples had increased thanks to an agreement with the antiquities department, which allows people to marry in a range of places, including the castle, the ethnographic museum and even on small cruise ships, in addition to the town hall.

More than 40 couples were married simultaneously in one Paphos hotel on Friday, with its auspicious date of 11.11.11.

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