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Tales from the coffeeshop: Blood-sucking is protected

THE ANGER and frustration of our deputies about the host of ridiculous allowances and benefits being paid by the state to public employees did not last very long. 

After the obligatory couple of days of theatrical ranting and raving against the irrational squandering of the taxpayer’s money, they had performed their duty, calmed down and moved on to the more important issue of the municipal elections.

In fact the deputies would have said nothing about the matter of perks had Politis not published a report about the absurdity of these costly and unjustified allowances last Sunday. They had been in possession of a brief, prepared by the finance ministry, which listed the 40 allowances and cost of each one for a week without publicly expressing their outrage.

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Our View: A spineless government cannot prevent bankruptcy

ANY REMAINING doubts that union bosses were dictating the government’s economic policies were shattered yesterday when finance minister Kiki Kazamias announced his latest measures. He announced additional taxation on private sector workers and 0.5 per cent levy on all companies operating in Cyprus, in order to persuade the moaning union bosses to agree to the freezing of wages in the broader public sector.

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Parties mull austerity measures

OPPOSITION party DISY yesterday said the government’s austerity measures proposed on Friday by Finance Minister Kikis Kazamias were too little, too late to salvage the economic situation.

DISY deputy chairman Averof Neophytou likened the economy to the flu saying that preventative measures and treatment must be taken otherwise it will turn into pneumonia.

He also accused the government of not following through on their policies, and wondered if the government this time was actually proposing measures as opposed to intentions.  

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‘A wage freeze alone will not help’

PUBLIC sector wages are part of the wider problem Cyprus’s economy faces and a two-year wage freeze alone may not help, unless this measure is accompanied by a complete overhaul of the public sector, a fund manager said.

“Transferability is something the public sector badly needs,” Marinos Gialeli, general manager of the Hotel Employees Provident Fund, which is the largest of its kind in Cyprus, told the Sunday Mail in an interview. 

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Long-awaited Ayios Antonios market officially opens to the public

THE newly renovated Ayios Antonios market, that now successfully combines the traditional with the modern, opened its doors to the public yesterday with an official launch.

“With this project, the area has the chance to regain its vitality and become an important social and commercial area, making an essential contribution to the city,” said Agriculture Minister Sophoclis Aletraris speaking at the opening.

The market underwent a €2 million facelift beginning in March 2010 and was paid for entirely by municipal funds.

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Selection process begins for new Bishop of Kyrenia

POLLS opened yesterday to elect the new Bishop of Kyrenia, after the post was vacated by the death of Bishop Pavlos last October at the age of 66.

The three front runners for the post are Mesaoria Bishop Gregorios, Archimandrite Chrysostomos Kykkotis and Archimandrite Benedict Ioannou.

A total of 43 polling stations were set up throughout the free areas of the Republic, and approximately 26,000 citizens were eligible to vote between 08:00 and 16:00 local time, with a break between 13:00 and 14:00.

Eligible voters were those over 18 who were registered in the Kyrenia district electoral roll. 

Election officials said that the process was running smoothly and that the decision would be out by the end of the day.

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Christofias: police force must be ‘credible and effective’

THE government will work closely with the police in order to transform the force into a trustworthy and respectable body, said President Demetris Christofias yesterday.

Christofias was speaking at the ceremony for the new Deputy Chief of Police, Andreas Iatropoulos.

The president reiterated the state’s support for the police force and stressed the need to create a relationship of trust and respect with the public.

“We are striving towards creating a police force that is credible and willing, capable and effective in its mission, with higher standards and aims” said Christofias. 

Iatropoulos said that he would assume his new position’s responsibilities with great determination and would repay the faith that was shown to him.

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Vulnerability to environmentally-related cancers


UNBORN babies, infants, children and pregnant women are the most vulnerable to environmentally-related cancer, Health Minister Stavros Malas said on occasion of a workshop on child health. 

Around 25 per cent of chronic diseases are preventable and at least 30 per cent of cancers can be avoided by reducing carcinogenic and other toxic factors, especially from conception until teenage years, Malas said citing the World Health Organisation.

Data on childhood cancer in Cyprus goes back at least five years. 

Between 2005 and 2007, “according to the most recent data” there were 119 cancer diagnoses for those under 19, Malas said.

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Clerides diagnosed with colon cancer

FORMER President Glafcos Clerides, 92, has been admitted to Evangelistria clinic after he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He will undergo surgery tomorrow according to his doctor Iosif Kassios.

Kassios said that following the completion of various tests a malignant tumour was found. “We had a meeting [between doctors] and it was decided that the President should undergo surgery,” said Kassios.

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Toy store break-in

POLICE arrested two teenagers in connection with a toy store break-in in Limassol on Friday night.

A 16-year-old and a 14-year-old were caught red-handed inside the toy store after the police were tipped off anonymously. 

They were subsequently arrested and taken to the Limassol police station for questioning.

Upon interrogation, the two teenagers admitted breaking into the toy store as well as other buildings. They also confessed to being responsible for several cases of theft.

The reasons behind their actions have not yet been clarified. The investigation is still under way.  

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