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AEL two wins away from the Cyprus title

AEL manager Charalambous Christodoulou was pleased with his side’s goalless draw against APOEL on Saturday as the two-point cushion on the defending champions remained intact with two more games left.

“The game was as we expected it to be. I was a bit worried about how we would cope with the pressure after an unfortunate loss at the GSP Stadium last weekend,” said Christodoulou. I “I believe that we were the better team in the first half, while APOEL started creating chances after the interval, especially when Monteiro was sent off.

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Taxi drivers only have themselves to blame

There have been many complaints about Paphos taxi drivers over the years, long before the recession, and nothing has been done and nothing will be done now.  Eight years ago there was a price list at the airport giving charges for different destinations. 

When I asked a driver for a price to Paphos he quoted me double the listed price. When I pointed this out he became claimed the list was out of date. 

When I asked another driver he quoted me the same price – clearly a cartel. 

Next time I was in the airport the list had been scratched out. I don’t use airport taxis any more I get a friend to pick me up and so do the most of my friends. 

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Why are taxi drivers treated differently?

In your quotes of the week on Sunday April 22, CTO chairman Alecos Orountiotis is quoted as saying that he would personally find it offensive to need to display a price list for taxis. 

I find this statement incomprehensible. Any product on offer has a price and the first thing a customer wants to know is: How much?  It would be odd if supermarkets didn’t price their articles, or a hairdresser didn’t have a pricelist. What is so delicate about taxi drivers that we should leave it up to them especially as it has been proved they overcharge?


M. Pnevmatikos, Ayios Tychonas 

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Neglected schools mean neglected children

Sunday Mail April 22, covered view points on juvenile delinquency in schools’ including that of sociologist Christina Loizou.  As a postgrad student of sociology (Liverpool) can I add my ‘pennyworth’.  This year I have had cause to visit three educational establishments in Paphos, two of which were the Lyceums Kykkos and Gymnasium Panageias Theoskepastis.  

What I saw was a real eye opener of how important the government considers education.  

The Lyceum had shared toilets, without urinals. 

 The result was the toilet seats were covered in male urine.  The smell was overpowering, reminding me of the cattle shed we had on our farm.  The walls and doors were covered in graffiti.  

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Nice idea, if only it worked

Imagine how pleased I was when I received a leaflet through with my water bill advertising the public library in Lakatamia. It states that you can borrow books, use the computers and surf the internet amongst other things. It also says that as well as Greek and foreign literature, there is a wide assortment of non-fiction books. It brought back memories of visiting the local library in England every week to borrow books. Fantastic I thought, especially with the economic crisis and it being expensive to buy children books on a regular basis. Also, seeing as the standard of reading in all languages is falling, this is a perfect way to encourage people, especially the young, to read.

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Hospital chaos is no surprise

The item on Sigma’s evening news on April 25 showing the chaotic situation with patient files at the (Nicosia) General Hospital should not be a surprise to anyone. A visit to any government office will show exactly the same situation, whether that is the Inland Revenue Department, immigration, or the Land Registry. Obviously our overpaid and underworked civil servants are not doing their jobs properly, but we all know that anyway!

Martin Rodger


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Slave labour in the hotels sector

The Cyprus Mail has done some excellent articles about the minimum wage in Cyprus. However does it know that this does not apply to the hotel and catering industry?  According to the ministry of labour, wages in this sector are covered under an agreement between the employer and employee.

So when you go out for a meal, think of the people who cook and serve it are they getting a living wage? I would not like to bet on it.

 I know a few people who have gone for jobs in the Latchi area and been told they will be working split shifts, 14 hours a day six days a week for €700 a month.

This is tantamount to slave labour, and in a so-called European country it’s disgusting.

Name and address withheld  

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Enough with the excuses

Glaucoma – a leading cause of blindness – is (or was) treatable by an effective and inexpensive drug – TIMOLOL. For about half a year this drug has not been available in our pharmacies in Cyprus. Can anyone tell me why we have been deprived of this drug and when it will be available again, hopefully before we sufferers in Cyprus go blind. I have heard various excuses for this situation. An alternative to TIMOLOL is available but mixed with another drug which may not be suitable for all glaucoma patients, and is approximately seven or eight times the price of TIMOLOL.

Gordon Milton, Yermasoyia 


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Stop the graffiti vandals

How long is Cyprus going to tolerate the mindless act of spraying every surface of wall, door, and waste bin in our lovely towns and villages? Take a look at pictures of places like Naples, New York and London, and see that this is what Cyprus will look like.  Clamp down on them now. Take pictures of them spraying the walls. Report them, fine them and make them clean up their messes, and stop selling them spray paint .

TR Paralimni

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Hard times killing city’s high street


THE decline of Makarios Avenue as Nicosia’s top shopping spot has been astonishingly dramatic.

Throughout the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s, Makarios Avenue reigned supreme. International High Street chain stores rushed to set up shop there, squeezing out the older local retailers, while trendy cafes ensured the crowds of shoppers were fed and watered. Quite simply: the street was regularly packed with shoppers.

Today, the picture couldn’t be more different. 

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