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‘Dirty money’ claims were just an excuse for bail-in


THE EUROPEAN Union, led by Germany, has made Cyprus pay dearly for its alleged money laundering transgressions but one leading anti-money laundering expert questions how the EU will ever repay Cyprus if those charges are proved wrong. 

Andreas Frank is an independent adviser to the German Bundestag and Council of Europe, who has already initiated two infringement proceedings against Germany for violations of the EU’s anti-money laundering (AML) directive. 

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Archives April 28, 2013 posted by cmarchives

DISY vote marred by protest over bird activists


TROUBLE struck during party elections for ruling DISY in Paralimni yesterday when angry members and other locals moved the voting boxes and threw ballot papers into the street to protest against campaigns to stop illegal poaching of songbirds, or ambelopoulia.

The voting was taking place islandwide to elect three vice-presidents to the party, after new DISY leader, Averof Neophytou, and new deputy head Lefteris Christoforou were unchallenged for their new positions within the party.

Neophytou and Christoforou headed for Paralimini after the trouble broke out.

They attempted to ease tensions but were verbally abused by locals and DISY members.

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Luxury liner boost for Paphos visits


THE LUXURY cruise ship the MS Europa anchored off Kato Paphos yesterday at 8am, the fourth stop on its itinerary, after setting off from Dubai and passing through Abu Dhabi and Egypt’s Sharm El Sheik. 

The ship was due to leave Paphos at 4pm yesterday, destined for the Greek islands of Rhodes and Symi before weighing anchor at its final destination of Valetta in Malta. The Europa’s 337 passengers had the opportunity to visit the harbour and other sites in the area. Paphos Mayor, Savvas Vergas said he would offer all possible assistance and services to visitors, so such visits might take place in the future, adding that the Europa was one of the largest cruise ships around.

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Piraeus Bank sponsors free parking for Easter


PIRAEUS Bank will cover parking costs for municipality parking in Nicosia and Limassol over the holy week in an effort to revive the market.

Executive Board Director and General Manager of Piraeus bank Cyprus Ltd George Appios said the slogan would be: ‘Now we will all go to the city centre’.

“We are convinced this will help the market and give shops a significant boost in both cities,” he said.

Nicosia mayor, Constantinos Yiorkadjis: “This contribution will support shops in the city centres, attract people to the cities where they can shop, attend church and have family outings. It will also help boost the commercial market.”

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Cyprus in Brief



A 52-YEAR-OLD man in Nicosia reported to police that at around 8.20pm on Friday he was attacked by two men who managed to rob him of €100,000 in cash and cheques. According to reports, the man had parked his car in the yard of his home when two men attacked him, spraying him in the face with a harmful substance and hitting him with an unknown object. They then opened the back door of the car and took his bag which contained €30,000 in cash and €70,000 in cheques. Nicosia CID is investigating the case.



Gun found

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Our View: Strategy needed to rebuild trust in the banking system


FINANCE minister Haris Georgiades surprised many people on Tuesday when he said he hoped that currency controls could be lifted within the next few weeks. He conceded, in an interview with Reuters, that it could take a little bit longer, but “definitely not six months”, adding, “I am optimistic we shall be able to proceed much sooner.”

He had to be optimistic to believe controls could be lifted much sooner, but to entertain the idea they could be lifted within the next few weeks verges on the unrealistic. While Georgiades’ eagerness to bring back pre-bail-in, banking practices is understandable, as this would constitute a return to normality, it is very difficult to see how it could be done in the current climate. 

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Tales from the Coffeeshop: The more things change…


AS RECENTLY as three months ago most men were willing to have their testicles chopped off, donate a kidney to comrade Tof and sign a life membership of AKEL for the chairmanship of the Bank of Cyprus, Kyproulla’s biggest, richest and mightiest company.

But today, if they had a choice, most guys would rather shovel muck on an Aradippou pig farm in 40-degree heat, than sit in the soft-leather, executive chair of the chairman’s wood-panelled, air-conditioned office on the top floor of the bank’s marble and glass Nicosia premises, eager secretaries queuing up to pamper him.

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Church proactive in a crisis


Five years ago, hunger linked to poverty was virtually unheard of in Cyprus. 

Today, over 2,000 families living in the 40 parishes under the Archbishopric of Nicosia, alone, would go hungry each month if it weren’t for the Archbishopric’s community grocery. 

Set up in May last year, by Archbishop Chrysostomos II, the community grocery went from feeding 500 families 11 months ago, to over 2,000 families today.

Monthly the grocery supplies each family with pasta, bulgur wheat, cereals, orzo, UHT milk, corned beef, canned chopped tomatoes, flour, sugar, rice, lentils and haricot beans. Every two to three months, each family receives a litre of cooking oil, and at Christmas and Easter, two kilos of meat. 

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