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Kazamias called to account

FORMER finance minister Kikis Kazamias yesterday denied downplaying or misrepresenting the severity of the economic outlook during his brief stint in the previous administration.
He highlighted also the poor interpersonal relations between former President Demetris Christofias and ex-central banker Athanasios Orphanides, adding that the feelings were “mutual.”
Kazamias was testifying before the committee of inquiry probing the circumstances that led the economy to the brink of bankruptcy and to the ‘haircut’ decision of March this year. The panel is currently focusing on fiscal/governmental policies and decisions, most of which fall within the term of the previous administration.

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Archives April 30, 2013 posted by Poly Pantelidou

Lillikas rallies anti-bailout supporters

A NEW political movement calling itself the ‘Citizens’ Alliance’ has vowed to fight a financial rescue deal between Cyprus and international lenders and to seek alternatives for placing the stricken economy on a path to recovery.
Unveiled this weekend in Nicosia, the movement is led provisionally by Giorgos Lillikas, who in the recent presidential elections garnered an impressive 26 per cent of the popular vote, nearly making it to the runoff vote.
His movement’s founding convention was held Sunday on the grounds of the State Fairs, where hundreds flocked to register. Elections to nominate the leadership are scheduled for later this year.

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Archives April 30, 2013 posted by Poly Pantelidou

Georgiades tells deputies: stop complaining

FINANCE Minister Haris Georgiades has urged parliament to ratify a bailout deal, despite the hardship it will bring, warning that the alternative would be economic collapse.
“Instead of seeking non-existent alternative choices and dei ex machina, maybe we must decide to take control and our fate in our own hands,” Georgiades said during a joint meeting of the House Finance and Foreign Affairs Committees. “Instead of complaining, maybe we should recognise our own mistakes and start working to cover lost ground.”
The committees discussed the island’s bailout ahead of a vote to ratify the €10 billion deal today.

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How Anastasiades plans to change things

Regulation of state officials
– Amending constitution to clarify for what offences the President of the Republic may be prosecuted.
– Lifting members of parliament’s immunity for all offences, but preserving their freedom of speech during the exercise of their duty.
– Legally regulating ministers’ and independent officials’ civil and criminal responsibilities for actions and omissions committed while on duty.
– More state officials will be obliged to file income statements at fixed intervals. This includes commissioners, judges, and the heads of parties that are not in parliament. A committee of auditors will be set up to investigate claims and publicly report any false claims.

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Archives April 30, 2013 posted by Poly Pantelidou

Our View: Let’s hope political parties show a sense of responsibility

TODAY the legislature will vote on the deeply unpopular memorandum of understanding which, in theory, should be passed with DIKO and DISY votes. We say in theory because nobody knows whether all deputies of these two parties would show up and, if they do, that they would vote in favour of the memorandum’s ratification.
Without the legislature’s approval there would be no financial assistance from the EU and IMF, the state would default on its debt repayments and would have no money to meet its financial obligations, such as paying public sector salaries. In short, there is no alternative despite the stupid insistence of the demagogues that we should disengage from the memorandum.

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Archives April 30, 2013 posted by Poly Pantelidou

Anastasiades: this country is not up to scratch

STATE officials, including the President, will no longer be immune from prosecution, nor will they be able to stay in office indefinitely, President Nicos Anastasiades announced yesterday in an gesture aimed at restoring the public’s trust in government following the banking fiasco.
Recommended actions include forcing state officials to give regular income statements, publishing and justifying public tenders, implementing and monitoring the auditor-general’s reports, and defining state officials’ criminal and civil responsibilities.

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Archives April 23, 2013 posted by Poly Pantelidou

Sufi mystic celebrates birthday

TURKISH CYPRIOT Sufi mystic Sheikh Nazim Kibrisli celebrated his 93rd birthday in Lefka in the north on Sunday.
According to Turkish Cypriot paper Havadis, he celebrated with his family and followers from Cyprus and abroad at his dergah (religious commune), attracting many to the normally quiet village of Lefka in the foothills of the Troodos mountains.  
Nazim leads the Naqshbandi Haqqani Sufi Islamic order that boasts hundreds of thousands of followers worldwide. He claims to be the direct descendent of the 11th century Sufi saint Abdul Qadir Jilani and 13th century mystical poet Jalauddin Rumi.
Last February, doctors were reportedly called to the commune, after an embolism in one of his lungs caused the Sheikh breathing difficulties.

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Archives April 23, 2013 posted by Poly Pantelidou

Injured in homemade bomb

A 23-year-old woman was injured after a homemade bomb was set off at the main entrance to the house where she and her 29-year-old husband live.
The explosion occurred at 1.30am yesterday in Limassol, while the husband and wife were sitting in the living room of the house, resulting in the 23-year-old suffering head and hand injuries.
According to police, the powerful explosion was the result of an improvised explosive device placed at the front door of the house. 
The 23-year-old was rushed to Limassol hospital where she was kept in for treatment on a small head wound and examined following complaints of hand pains

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Archives April 23, 2013 posted by Poly Pantelidou

Paralimni community market expands

A NEW community market was opened in the Famagusta district on Sunday to replace the old one which had become too small for the growing needs of the public.
The new building, located behind the Ayios Giorgos Square in Paralimni, was opened by the Bishop of Constantia Vasilios and Paralimni mayor Theodoros Pyrillis, and was donated to the church by the mayor’s father, Anastasis Pyrillis in honour of two of his children, Adamos and Chrystalla, who died.

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Archives April 23, 2013 posted by Poly Pantelidou

Bakery robbed

A MAN robbed a bakery at knifepoint in the early hours of yesterday morning, making off with €150 in cash.
The man, with his face covered, walked into the bakery in Nicosia at 2.40am and threatened the employee with a knife. After taking the €150, he ran off.
Police arrived on the scene soon after to collect any possible evidence that could be used to solve the case.

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