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Intentionally tangled to deceive


Recently sacked DEFA (Natural Gas Public Company) head, Costas Ioannou is the subject of a police probe into criminal offences he allegedly committed during his reign as head of CERA (Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority) in 2009.

For their part, the police confirmed that the investigation into Ioannou draws on an on-going civil lawsuit concerning a licence awarded to a Russian company by CERA to operate a private power station. To obtain the licence, the company had engaged the services of Ioannou’s cousin, Andreas Hayiannis as a mediator/facilitator to seek out possible buyers for the company. But the deal turned sour when a British company acquired all the shares of the Russian company. Hayiannis then sued the Russian company for not paying his mediation fee.

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Troika will scupper SGOs’ cunning plan to stave off privatisation


REGULAR readers do not need reminding of our column’s habit of describing our country as an unfenced, lunatic asylum. But one would have thought that today, faced with the horror of economic catastrophe caused by the accumulated lunacy of many years we would have started to get serious at last.

Unfortunately not. Our lunacy and stupidity are incurable. This is crystal clear. You only have to look at what is happening around us every day to be convinced that this country could become the subject of the largest scale psychiatric study ever to be held in the world.

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Controversial Russian palace reportedly up for sale


WORK on a multi-million euro mansion being built in a prime location in Pissouri has been ordered to stop by the Limassol district office. 

Residents have long been up in arms over the construction of the supersize house which is being built on 2,200m2 of land on a small hill overlooking the village’s picturesque bay and blocking hitherto unspoiled seaviews for many villagers. The Russian owner has also purchased an extra 17,000 m2 in front of the house stretching right down to the beach.

The protests were highlighted in the Sunday Mail over a year ago. At the time, while admitting the construction has been the subject of many complaints, local officials insisted the owner was following all planning permission specifications.

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Doctors still charging an arm and a leg


Is it right that doctors in private practice have not agreed to reduce their fees? Many are still charging over 100 euros an hour

In my experience it is  advisable to phone around to ask the price of a consultation or medical test before making an appointment. Some doctors have reduced their prices considerably.

Name and address supplied


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Church proactive in a crisis


Five years ago, hunger linked to poverty was virtually unheard of in Cyprus. 

Today, over 2,000 families living in the 40 parishes under the Archbishopric of Nicosia, alone, would go hungry each month if it weren’t for the Archbishopric’s community grocery. 

Set up in May last year, by Archbishop Chrysostomos II, the community grocery went from feeding 500 families 11 months ago, to over 2,000 families today.

Monthly the grocery supplies each family with pasta, bulgur wheat, cereals, orzo, UHT milk, corned beef, canned chopped tomatoes, flour, sugar, rice, lentils and haricot beans. Every two to three months, each family receives a litre of cooking oil, and at Christmas and Easter, two kilos of meat. 

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What a way to run a business


I read with interest the recent article in the Cyprus Mail about the importance of tourism as a major factor in the plan to boost the Islands economy and indeed I think that everyone will agree that tourism must be boosted if the economic recovery is to become a reality as this is a major part of the Islands income.

However may I suggest that the process starts with the hotel owners as the recent experience of a good friend of mine shows just how out of touch they are with reality and business acumen.

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Tales from the Coffeeshop: The more things change…


AS RECENTLY as three months ago most men were willing to have their testicles chopped off, donate a kidney to comrade Tof and sign a life membership of AKEL for the chairmanship of the Bank of Cyprus, Kyproulla’s biggest, richest and mightiest company.

But today, if they had a choice, most guys would rather shovel muck on an Aradippou pig farm in 40-degree heat, than sit in the soft-leather, executive chair of the chairman’s wood-panelled, air-conditioned office on the top floor of the bank’s marble and glass Nicosia premises, eager secretaries queuing up to pamper him.

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