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Efstathiou breaks away from KISOS

FORMER KISOS heavyweight Efstathios Efstathiou yesterday announced the formation of a breakaway movement called the ‘Union of Democratic Socialists’.

Efstathiou’s move came hot on the heels of KISOS’ decision on Sunday to hold an electoral conference next month to decide its new leader, political bureau and central committee.

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Cyprus closes free movement chapter

CYPRUS yesterday closed the chapter on the Free Movement of People, without the transition period forced on eastern-bloc states at a ministerial meeting in Luxembourg.

The deal will allow Cypriot nationals to move freely across the European Union as soon as soon as the island becomes a full member of the EU.

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Britain warns tourists about driving, currents and drugs

BRITAIN has issued its first ever travel advisory for Cyprus, but not because the island has suddenly become a dangerous place to visit.

“We have never had a need to have a travel advisory for Cyprus, but there are new orders from the Foreign Office that there must be an advisory for everywhere,” British High Commission spokesman Jonathan Allen said yesterday.

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Bulldozers move in to clear way for new municipality

BULLDOZERS began demolishing buildings near the open market in old Nicosia yesterday, ready for a new Town Hall and underground car park, set to cost the government £3.7 million.

Private property is being levelled to re-build Nicosia Municipality on the spot it occupied 70 years ago before it was transferred to Eleftheria Square.

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Ypsonas man arrested after shooting incident

A LIMASSOL man was yesterday arrested in connection with shots fired with a military-issue firearm in the Ypsonas area.

Petros Petrou, alias Gagri, was detained after terrified residents of the area called police at around 7.10am and complained about bursts of gunfire coming from near the area’s quarry.

A large police force was immediately scrambled to the area.

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Teachers will not disrupt exams

THE GOVERNMENT yesterday reassured parents that school exams would take place without any threats of a teachers’ strike.

Education Minister Ouranios Ioannides told the National Confederation of Parents of Schoolchildren that he trusted the teachers would not carry out their strike threat.

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