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Will the voters turn out if they don’t have to?

COMMENTATORS and politicians said yesterday that the abolition of compulsory voting was unlikely to erode political activism and herald a new era of low turnout on polling day.

Genuine interest in politics fuelled by the continuing Cyprus problem was cited as the main reason for things staying as they were.

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Government reconsiders moves to open Turkish Cypriot graves after Denktash’s refusal to co-operate

THE GOVERNMENT is reconsidering plans to open up mass graves believed to hold the remains of Turkish Cypriot missing persons, following the refusal of Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash to co-operate.

Government Spokesman Michalis Papapetrou said yesterday that the original announcement had been made “in the hope that the Turkish Cypriot side would respond to it.”

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Parliament approves witness protection scheme

PARLIAMENT yesterday approved a law establishing a witness protection programme and rubber-stamped the extension of the automatic adjustment system for petrol pump prices till October.

The House of Representatives plenum approved both bills unanimously and without debate during a brief afternoon session.

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Defence Ministry to call up conscientious objectors

CONCIENCIOUS objectors are to be called up for military service for the first time ever, though they will be offered the option of unarmed service, albeit for an extended period.

Defence Minister Socratis Hasikos yesterday told the House defence committee that it had been decided to implement the relevant law for the first time ever.

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98-year-old marries his carer of 45

A 98-YEAR-old man has finally married his beloved companion from Belarus on her return to Cyprus.

Alexandros Nicolaides and Elena Chakhovets were married at the Ayios Dhometios Municipality on Wednesday afternoon.

They have been living together for seven years since Nicolaides employed her to take care of him in 1994.

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Ministry says pesticide fears exaggerated

RECENT reports about high pesticide levels in local farm produce had blown the problem out of all proportion by misinterpreting official figures, the Agriculture Ministry’s pesticides expert said yesterday.

“Generally speaking, the situation concerning pesticides is satisfactory,” said Dr Antonis Constantinou, head of the Agriculture Ministry’s pesticides advisory board.

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