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Volvo garage damaged by fire

TWO fires have caused damage estimated at more than £12,000 in the Nicosia area.

The first blaze began at around 4pm on Friday at the Volvo garage on Kantaras road in Kaimakli. According to witnesses the fire started when outside lighting fell to the ground.

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Heating fuel tax to remain, says Rolandis

COMMERCE Industry and Tourism Minister Nicos Rolandis yesterday said that tax on heating fuel would not change regardless of proposals submitted to the Cabinet on Friday.

“Four cents per litre will be levied on heating fuel regardless of any further changes made by the cabinet to fuel taxes,” Rolandis told the Sunday Mail.

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Buffer zone warning to hunters

THE SOUND of gunfire heralds the start of the hunting season today and with it comes a timely warning from both UNFICYP and the police about its potential dangers.

Both UNFICYP and the police have warned hunters to steer clear of the UN buffer zone for their own safety.

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Pedieos River clean-up

THE CYPRUS Marine Environment Protection Association (CYMEPA) assembled volunteers yesterday for an environmentally friendly clean-up of the Pedieos River in Nicosia.

Teams of volunteers were organised for the awareness-raising event which ran for two hours across the riverbed of the Pedieos in the Strovolos area.

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Tales from the Coffeeshop

WE ARE now even closer to Armageddon, and last week’s hysteria has turned into full-blown schizophrenic paranoia as we await the UN Secretary-general’s catastrophic peace plan, which many reports say will be submitted tomorrow afternoon. So enjoy yourselves today — because tomorrow will herald the end of the plantation as we know it.

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