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Church decides not to replace ailing Archbishop

CITING “humanitarian reasons,” the Holy Synod yesterday decided not to hold elections to replace ailing Archbishop Chrysostomos as primate of the Church of Cyprus.

At a marathon session of the Church’s ruling body, the ecclesiastical leaders decided by majority that Chrysostomos should remain in place, despite his inability to carry out his duties.

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Koutsou hails protest success

NEW HORIZONS party chief Nicos Koutsou yesterday hailed Sunday’s protest against the United Nations plan as a great success, saying those who attended were only a fraction of the thousands opposing the plan.

Around 3,000 people assembled in the Eleftheria stadium in Nicosia on Sunday to voice their opposition to the UN plan.

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Someone to watch over you

IT’S common knowledge that Cyprus has an ageing population. In the old days, the elderly were looked after by the family, but times have changed. More people working means less time and resources to look after elderly relatives. Pensioners, while loath to leave their family homes, opt to go into residential care because they don’t want to be a burden on their children.

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