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EDUCATION: Which IGCSE? Making the best choice

FOR STUDENTS planning to start IGCSE courses this September, now is the time to choose which subjects to study — and decisions need to be made with care. The ideal IGCSE ‘portfolio’ should include subjects in which a student performs well, but also those which will help achieve longer-term academic or professional ambitions.

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Pure relaxation

THE LAST thing I wanted to do last Thursday was waste three hours on a massage. I had a lot of work to do, not enough time to do it in and I had to be somewhere at 6pm.

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Avensis arrives

In the Driving Seat with Rosie Ogden

WHEN the Toyota Avensis first arrived in Cyprus in 1998 it slipped quietly onto the market. The second generation, however, has been launched with rather more fanfare.

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Motoring Queries

Should I bring a car from Holland

Dear Sirs,

VIA Google I came across your site and it seems to me perhaps you can help me with the following questions or point me in the right direction.

My parents (who live and work in Holland) recently bought an apartment near Larnaca which they intend to go to for a number of weeks per year. Now they would like to have a car in Cyprus and have the following options:

1. Is it possible for my parents to buy a car in Cyprus? And are there any tax-advantages (eg duty-free) because they are not Cyprus residents but Dutch. Which formalities need to be followed to be able to buy a local car?

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