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About town with Ambrosia

Why dressing up should be a real drag
If you want to look like a diva, put on those gay specs
I REMEMBER once during a bout of boredom allowing an ex to dress me. “Here is my wardrobe,” I said. “Put me in anything you like.”

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On the bus

Everyone agrees, the traffic in Nicosia is getting worse by the day. But one designer has come up with a bus that could solve all our problems. So what is the problem?

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Skevos Kapsos

Executive Chef
Karatello Restaurant in Limassol

Marinated Rabbit
Serves 4

1 kg rabbit, cut into small pieces
200g yoghurt
20g oregano
20g sage
320g flour
60g tarragon
400ml white wine
250ml water
320ml lemon juice

l Marinate the rabbit pieces in yoghurt, oregano and sage for six hours.

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Wild oats

Research shows that oats contain a type of soluble fibre which helps to slow the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. This means oats can help to keep blood sugar levels steady – a great benefit for people with diabetes or slimmers looking to avoid snacking with these recipes

Crunchy Fish Cakes
Makes 8

1kg potatoes, cut in big chunks

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The living fossil

Ginkgo biloba, also referred to as the Maidenhair tree, is the sole surviving member of the Ginkgoaceae and may be referred to as a ‘living fossil’. It can be traced back to the Permian period. The tree was common to North America and Europe but was destroyed by the Ice Age and only survived in China.

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Reading for charity

SANDRA Westwood knows all about the rigours of working in bad weather. For the past four years she has steadfastly manned her open-air stall in Polis market and, come rain, hail, biting winds, and the blistering heat of summer she has never failed to be open for business.

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