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Protaras rubbish


Last week, a gentleman wrote in about rubbish in Oriklini area. I have the same complaint, but regarding the beaches of Protaras.

I’m Russian and have lived here for five years. We have a holiday apartment in Protaras – a very nice place with its beautiful beaches, and we really enjoy spending our weekends there.

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Picking up the pieces

THEY HAVE called it the greatest ever fire in Cyprus.

The government has labelled it as an ecological disaster of “gigantic proportions”. Authorities have not even begun counting the cost of the blaze and authorities are claiming it will take decades to restore the mountain area to its former glory.

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Two Eurocypria flights turn back with technical problems

TWO Eurocypria flights were forced to return to Larnaca with technical problems within 12 hours of each other on Friday evening and yesterday.

The Eurocypria Dublin flight was one and a half hours into its flight on Friday after leaving Larnaca at 8pm when the pilot announced there was a technical problem and he would be returning to base.

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The curse of Wednesday and Sunday

HERE’S a useful tip for those wanting to travel out or into Cyprus this summer.
Avoid Wednesdays and Sundays.

It is a known fact that the island’s two international airports at Larnaca and Paphos hit panic stations on the same two days of the week.

And the biggest question is why can nobody do anything about it?

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Gordon Brown’s news style of politics

GORDON BROWN’S orderly glide into office has partly been obscured by the chilling London terror plot, foiled, almost by accident, by the vigilance of members of the public on Friday. Yet that too, with its calm, underplayed response, has carried the seal of a very different kind of politics.

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