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Cyprus jobless rate falls

UNEMPLOYMENT in May fell to 4.2 per cent, down 0.2 per cent from April, according to figures released by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities.

The figures are among the lowest in Europe, with unemployment among men at 3.4 per cent and among women it stood at 5.2 per cent. For those under 25 years of age, the figure rose to 9.4 per cent.

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Mayors want more money

THE MAYORS of the occupied municipalities yesterday called for increased funding from the government for an enlightenment campaign on the Cyprus issue. Famagusta Mayor Alexis Galanos said the current £1.7 million a year was not enough, and described it as meagre.

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Greek Press

ALITHIA: “Tragedy follows the theatre”. The paper writes that the government is looking into the details over a fire compensation package for the residents of Kato Amianto and Saitta villages following the worst ecological disaster on the island. The government has not even ordered an investigation into the cause of the fire and it was only a miracle that the wind changed direction.

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We can’t blame technology for lack of critical thought

EVERYONE appeared to be shocked by the results of the Greek exam for state secondary school students. The average for the year was 40 per cent, with significantly more than half the students failing. A range of explanations were given for the poor showing – difficult topics, badly-worded questions, strict marking, low student standards etc – which were far from convincing.

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