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Talat: I’m ready to meet Tassos any time

TURKISH Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat yesterday announced his formal acceptance of President Tassos Papadopoulos’ proposal for a face-to-face meeting between the two leaders.

The meeting will be the first contact the two leaders have had since they agreed to begin negotiations on July 8 last year. Since that date, negotiations have failed to materialise.

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‘Amateur’ sex education fuelling abortion boom

INADEQUATE sex education in schools is leading to unwanted pregnancies and abortions among teenagers, the House Human Rights Committee heard yesterday.

The Committee also heard that it was impossible to keep track of the number of abortions carried out in private clinics and that some were even performed by doctors at people’s homes.

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Either Big Brother boss goes or we do

EMPLOYEES at the Commission for the Protection of Competition (CPC) yesterday delivered an unmistakable ultimatum: either the boss goes or we go.

Civil servants seconded to the agency have lodged a complaint against CPC chairman Giorgos Christofides, accusing him of oppressive surveillance, document tampering and improper conduct.

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Tassos’ U-turn just a gimmick

PRESIDENT Papadopoulos had written to Mehmet Ali Talat proposing that they meet to discuss ways of getting the deadlocked talks about the July 8 agreement moving. He also proposed a second meeting that would deal with the issue of the missing persons.

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