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Motorcyclist killed in Paphos

A 28-YEAR-old motorcyclist was killed in Paphos yesterday when his vehicle collided with a rental car transporting a family of British tourists, police said. He had not been wearing a helmet.

The accident occurred on Mesogi Avenue at around 6pm.

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Chinese man arrested with illegal documents

A CHINESE man has been arrested by Larnaca police trying to enter Cyprus with over a hundred false immigration documents.

The man arrived on the island at Larnaca airport on July 13, police said yesterday, and was caught when the documents were discovered during a bag check at customs.

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North Korea: five wasted years

NORTH Korea has shut down its one nuclear reactor and the associated plutonium reprocessing plant, and a team of inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency has arrived in Yongbyon to seal the equipment and oversee the decommissioning process. Pyongyang has promised to deliver a list of all its other nuclear facilities within a few months, and then the real haggling will begin.

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Losing one’s head in the French Ambassador’s garden…

VIVE la r?volution! Vive la r?publique! Vive le champagne and soft creamy cheeses and deep dark clarets and moules frites and grenouilles! National Days don’t come much better than the French one, for a start they have the best tune. In the French Ambassador’s garden in Nicosia, even the non-French, in the hot night air, were humming along to the Marseillaise on Saturday.

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