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It’s hot, but it’s not as bad as Greece

TEMPERATURES are expected to soar in inland areas over the next few days, as the island comes under the influence of a regional high-pressure system.

The current heat wave will see maximum temperatures in the island’s central plain range between 39 and 42C, with high humidity also likely playing a factor in Nicosia, Larnaca and Famagusta.

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AKEL fury at Tassos bid to poach its voters

AKEL yesterday slammed President Tassos Papadopoulos for appealing to its voters during the speech announcing his candidacy for the presidential elections next year.

Nicos Katsourides, AKEL’s parliamentary spokesman, called Papadopoulos` move to boost his own support from members of the party as “unfortunate and unethical”.

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EAC pleads with consumers to save energy

THE ELECTRICITY Authority has appealed to the public save on energy during the current heat wave.

Because of the high temperatures, the EAC says electricity demand has reached extremely high levels, and is warning the public against any unnecessary use to decrease the risk of blackouts.

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Cyprus insists Serbian money was not laundered here

FIFTY MILLION euros were not laundered from Serbia through the island in the 1990s, the Cypriot Financial Crime Unit (MOKAS) insisted yesterday.

The Unit was responding to claims made on the B92 radio station in Belgrade last week that the trial for a money laundering operation, which moved the money, will begin in September.

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Tassos officially in the running

PRESIDENT Tassos Papadopoulos last night formally announced his bid for re-election in a 20 minute speech broadcast live across the nation on all television channels.

Predictably the monologue predominantly focused on the Cyprus problem and set the scene for his presidential campaign.

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Underage bikers arrested

THREE underage riders were arrested in a co-ordinated police operation on Monday.

Members of the Kalo Chorio Police Station in the Nicosia district patrolled the area between 6pm and 11pm as part of a police campaign to stop underage driving.

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Jordanian found in boot at checkpoint

A TURKISH Cypriot man was arrested yesterday after attempting to cross over to the free areas with an illegal immigrant in his car boot.

Police stopped the 25-year-old man for a routine check as he was passing through the Ayios Dhometios checkpoint.

It was then that they became aware of a Jordanian in the boot, who after seeing the police attempted to flee.

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