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EAC struggles to keep up with soaring power demand

WITH temperatures soaring over the 40 degree mark and humidity levels well above normal, maximum electricity demand yesterday soared to 980 megawatts (MW), the Transmission System Operator (TSO) said.

Today’s electricity demand is expected to be even higher, said Christos Toufexis, assistant operations manager at the TSO.

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Paphos pelicans ‘well taken care of’

THE PELICANS which have become a landmark of Paphos harbour are not subjected to poor living conditions, the Veterinary Services have insisted, despite a complaint on the matter from the Cyprus Green Party.

The Green Party in a statement raised concern over the living conditions of the two pelicans, citing their cage accommodations as “unacceptable”.

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Who’s buying into Hellenic Bank?

THE market was abuzz with speculation about Hellenic Bank yesterday, as it pondered recent stock movements, particularly the share’s impressive 11 per cent hike to £5 on Tuesday.

Both the financial columns in Politis and the market website Stockwatch wrote extensively on the movement in Hellenic Shares and the apparent sudden interest from foreign buyers, said to be mainly Greek.

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Humidity hits 95 as Nicosia bakes

THE scorching heat wave continued yesterday, made worse by the soaring levels of humidity in the atmosphere.

With temperatures topping 40 degrees in the Nicosia district, state authorities were on alert as electricity demand reached an all-time high.

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‘Fishing bill breaches EU rules’

PRESIDENT Tassos Papadopoulos has referred a law legalising amateur net fishing back to Parliament.

The law, which was passed by the House Agriculture Committee and approved by the Plenum, was found to be in violation of EU regulations.
The Agriculture Committee has had to interrupt its holiday to hold a meeting today to re-evaluate the bill.

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Diesel prices going up, but petrol down

HEATING fuel and diesel prices are going up because of an increase on the international markets, but petrol prices are going in the other direction.

Yesterday, petrol company Petrolina announced that it had made increases to diesel and heating fuel, with rival petrol companies expected to follow suit either today or tomorrow.

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