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Restaurant Review with Sarah Antoniou

El Chihuahua

Traditional surroundings for a night out in Napa

Expecting sombreros, bright colours and chilli-tinged flavours, on a hot summer’s night we arrived at El Chihuahua. The restaurant’s menu includes that Tex-Mex mix of beef, beans and spices, Mexican-style tortillas, burritos, salsas and fajitas, among other tantalising choices.

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Get the kids in the kitchen

Entertain the kids over the holiday by getting them in the kitchen

Vanilla Cookie Party Invitations
Makes 24

250g plain flour, plus extra
1 tsp baking powder
125g butter, cubed and chilled
125g golden caster sugar
1 medium egg
Few drops of vanilla extract
For decoration
250g royal icing sugar
Food colouring – optional

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Cocktail of the week with Fabrizio Musorella

Campari Cooler
The versatility and bitterness of Campari mixed with juices makes an ideal base for cool summer cocktails. The drink featured today can be served equally well in a pitcher or a highball glass. In my opinion, pitchers are a great way to serve drinks to friends in the garden on a hot evening; they are an exiting alternative to cocktails by the glass. Salute!

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1 cockerel, cut in pieces
Some flour
Salt and pepper
½ glass olive oil
3 onions, roughly chopped
4 carrots, roughly chopped
100g mushrooms, small
2-3 bay leaves
2 cinnamon sticks
3-4 cloves
3 glasses of red dry wine

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Tales from the coffeeshop

“MR THEMISTOCLEOUS you are blatantly lying, you are blatantly lying and you should be ashamed.” This was how the CyBC’s loony presenter and palazzo mouthpiece, Yiannakis Nicolaou, spoke to Costas Themistocleous, the presidential candidate who was a guest on his lunch-time TV show.

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Man held after Danish tourist dies

A PUB OWNER from Protaras has been arrested and remanded in police custody in connection with the death of a Danish tourist early yesterday morning.

The tourist died when he was hit by a taxi after allegedly being floored by a punch from the publican.

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Peyia lunacy

We are not whingeing Brits; our Cypriot neighbours have tried the Municipality, which seems to have no power, and the Citizen’s Line, which wasn’t helpful…
Following the storms in October 2006 and their tragic consequences, the Peyia Municipality worked hard to ensure future storm water would run away harmlessly by laying drainage pipes and contouring the ravines.

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Complete financial suicide

I have lived in Cyprus for four years. I love the people the culture and climate. For 20 years, I enjoyed my annual holidays here, so after 22 years in the public house trade, I retired to the wonderful Island of Aphrodite.

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