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Stefanos Evripidou and the Temple of Doom

LOST in the sloping mountains and valleys around Jomsom, 3000m above sea level, my ‘little warm up’ had turned into hours and miles of trekking through harsh wind and rain. The unintended result was a pulled ligament in my right leg, and that was just my first day in the Himalayas.

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The thing about the younger man

WHAT is it about ‘the younger man’? Could it be that I’m in denial I’ve turned 30 and forget that 22 is off limits? Or, God forbid, have I turned into one of those desperate older women who’ve become so lonely that they easily fall for the younger man’s charms?

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The bird mob

Small birds threatened by a larger interloper will often band together to ‘mob’ it

OUT WALKING with friends earlier in the summer, we were distracted by a small group of about twenty barn swallows (Hirundo rustica) flying noisily over some houses a few hundred metres away.

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Musical notes

Opera and cultural tourism

Summertime means cultural tourism the world over. At the beginning of September it will be Cyprus’ turn with the staging of the Pafos Aphrodite Festivals’ Il Trovatore

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Ineia dreams

As the first foreign residents in the rural Cypriot village of Ineia, Mark and Jacqui Thompson secured an enviable slice of traditional island life when they self-built a stunning tailor-made villa. TRICIA WILLIS pays a visit

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