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Dog shelter insists animals are well treated

A LIMASSOL dog shelter has hit back at accusations that it is not taking the necessary measures to protect its strays from the stifling heat wave.
Animal lovers who visited the shelter, situated in Kato Polemidia, were yesterday quoted in Politis newspaper expressing their concern over the “miserable” conditions the dogs were living in.

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Drug arrests mar 50 Cent success

MEDFEST 2007 was yesterday deemed, “ a great success”, by its organisers.
Appearing at the one-off concert at the GSP Stadium in Nicosia on Saturday night were multi-platinum selling hip-hop superstars 50 Cent and Akon, along with reggae star Julian Marley and Alaine, Mutya and Sniper, featuring Memphis Bleek.

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Absurd campaign can only get worse

WE HAD WARNED, more than two weeks ago, that the start of the presidential election campaign, seven months before people would actually go to the polls, was certain to turn people off. By February, most people would have been so fed up of hearing bickering politicians exchanging accusations over trivialities they would lose any interest they may have had in the elections.

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Living by Zoe Christodoulides

A load of old rubbish?

Recycling is a new concept in Cyprus that hasn’t been widely adopted – we still throw away more than anyone else in Europe. We look at the rubbish four homes throw away and ask how the situation could improve

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Whatson by Jill Campbell Mackay

Walk on the deep side

Without even the need to be able to swim, it is now possible to peruse the sea bed

To be frank, I hold fast to the theory that any leisure activity requiring one’s head to be immersed in water is basically a form of organised drowning. So, when asked if I would care to go ‘walking’ on the seabed wearing a breathing helmet my reticence was palpable.

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