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What to do in Kathmandu?

SOMETIMES, just sometimes, ambiguity and vagueness can be very positive characteristics in a person. I don’t mean to indulge in self-analysis, but take me for instance. I came to India with no real plan other than to arrive in Delhi and see where the wind, or in this case dust, would take me. And it took me.

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Too hot in the city

For one family the move out of Nicosia to a nearby village has meant fresh veg on the table every night and children who can grow up in a greener environment. MARIA SOCRATOUS pays a visit

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Housing grants for all

THE GOVERNMENT has published its 2007 housing grants plan, covering locals as well as all EU members. The plan covers large families (in excess of three children) and invalids, with no locational limits.

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Self build in style

While the thought of overseeing the construction of your own home rather than buying from a developer can seem daunting, with the right partners all can go smoothly. TRISHIA WILLIAMS speaks to one couple for whom it was all plain sailing

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