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Iran's Nuclear Aspirations

IRANIAN President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s two speeches in New York this week, at Columbia University and then at the United Nations General Assembly, have stirred up the usual storm of outrage in the Western media.

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Interview by Jill Campbell Mackay

Human triptych

For three artist sisters in Limassol, sharing is not just about a workspace, but individual works of art too

Walk into Maria, Christina and Anna’s studio and you will find yourself tripping over a veritable cornucopia of artworks, canvases of every shape take up most of the available wall space and those that cannot make the wall stand leaning in rows.

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We love compiled by Laia Farren Graves

It’s autumn and the kids have gone back to school. Your flip-flops and sarong are soon to be but a distant memory and the days are getting shorter and darker. So how can we ensure that we stay on top of things and in good spirits? It’s simple: by making sure we are well stocked up with the latest must-haves in our beauty regime.

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