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Telecoms regulator bows out

OUTGOING Telecommunications regulator Vassos Pyrgos yesterday officially handed his resignation to President Demetris Christofias along with his final report on the sector for 2007.

Speaking after the meeting, Pyrgos said he was resigning for personal reasons.

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British designers commissioned with TEPAK masterplan

LIMASSOL’S Technological University, TEPAK, yesterday signed a five-year contract with Manchester-based British Design Partnership (BDP) to design the university’s masterplan.

The €750,000-worth contract also stipulates that BDP, in partnership with P.Papadopoulos and Associates Ltd, will prepare an environmental and traffic study by 2009.

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CY calls for action on bird risk

CYPRUS Airways (CY) yesterday called for immediate steps to be taken to remove the risk associated with bird strikes on aircraft flying in and out of Larnaca airport.

The call came from the national carrier after an incident on Wednesday, when a CY flight to London was hit by a flock of birds.

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Meat shipment seized over false certificates

A CONTAINER of slaughtered lambs that arrived on the island from Greece was yesterday confiscated by the Veterinary Services after it emerged a big scam was hiding behind it.

According to the head of the Services, Charalambos Kakoyiannis, the container was accompanied by tampered documents, issued for the exportation of 80 lambs and then altered to 780 lambs.

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Meet Cypriot Aphrodite

THE ORIGIN of the goddess Aphrodite is an unsettling tale. As the myth goes, Kronos castrated his father Uranus and threw his genitals into the sea. The immortal appendages were carried by the waves and in the foam that gathered around them, a girl was born. Fully-grown, she emerged from the ocean on the western shore of Cyprus.

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