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Standing by for Obama’s call

MUCH AS we hate repeating what other columnists write, we would like to advise our customers not to get carried away by the election of Barack Obama and start thinking that immediately after his investiture he would impose a fair, just and lasting settlement of the Cyprob, free of settlers, troops and Turkish Cypriots.

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Making a space for God and the Devil

HOW BAD is bad? How evil is the Devil? Can God cry for the Devil? Questions not many of us ask because we already know the answers. At least, we think we do.

Some indisputable facts: Osama bin Laden is a crazy Islamic fundamentalist. The Chinese want to take over the world. And building a well in an impoverished Indian village is a good thing.

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Secrets of a coffee cup

MY MEMORIES of coffee cup reading go back to my teens when my aunty Tezel, sitting on her front porch under a blazing August sunset, read the dregs of my first ever cup of Turkish coffee. I was nervous, and I clearly remember rubbing my sweaty palms on the smart trousers my parents had cajoled me into wearing for the interminable visits to our Nicosia relatives.

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Moscow, London and Islamabad at a switch

But expats lose a sense of place by ignoring local TV

BACK in the 1980s and 90s the steady trickle of expats would receive their daily fix of news and entertainment exclusively on local TV.

It was all a far cry from today with most new arrivals connected to the same channels they watched back home and have little or no time for Cyprus broadcasting.

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Blots on the landscape

I wonder whether any of your readers can explain the regulations for erecting advertising hoardings in Cyprus?

In recent months, a large number of huge signs have gone up alongside the motorway to Paphos. I believe that these disfigure the landscape and create an impression of ugly commercialism.

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