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Christmas pledge to suspend road works

NICOSIA shopkeepers yesterday received assurances that road works would be suspended during the Christmas period.

Speaking to a handful of shop owners along the capital’s busy Themistoclis Dervis Street, Nicosia Mayor Eleni Mavrou promised that on December 10 all road works would come to an end.

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Will Limassol zoo leopards move to Africa?

FOLLOWING the offer by the World Society for the Protection of Animals’ (WSPA) to move the four leopards currently at Limassol Zoo to a park in Malawi, the ball is now in Limassol Municipality’s court to approve the venture.

The Mayor of Limassol yesterday confirmed he was in favour of the move, but said the final decision must be made by the municipal council as a whole.

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A law absurd in every sense

ONLY IN Cyprus where so much absurdity goes unquestioned could the state have decided to make refugee status a hereditary right that can be passed on, from father to child, like the family business. As this is a patriarchal society, only the father could pass on his refugee status to his children, and of the children only the sons could pass it on to their own children.

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