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Drug abuse in army has stabilised

DRUG use in the army has stabilised, and the situation is better compared to the armed forces of other countries, officials said yesterday.

“The National Guard compares relatively favourably… to the armed forces of other countries regarding the problem of drugs,” said Petros Kareklas, Defence Ministry Permanent Secretary.

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Business growth stemmed by problems securing loans

BUSINESSES are having difficulties in securing bank loans due to the global credit crunch, the government heard yesterday.

Speaking after a meeting of the financial advisory committee, Finance Minister Charilaos Stavrakis said considerable attention was given to the cash flow problem faced by businesses due to the credit crunch.

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Christofias warns against ‘evil of nationalism’

PRESIDENT Demetris Christofias last night urged Cypriots to extend the hand of friendship to Turkish Cypriots, saying they should not be tarred with the same brush as Turkey.

He also called for unity among Greek Cypriots, saying that nationalism and chauvinism – along with foreign intervention – was the new “evil demon” facing Cyprus.

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Plane lands on village football pitch

A SMALL single-engine aircraft was yesterday forced to land in a Larnaca district village football pitch, police said.

The incident occurred in the small refugee community of Mari at around 10.30am.

During the emergency landing, the 36-year-old South African Cypriot professional pilot hit the plane’s left wing on a leaf sweeper, knocking a piece off.

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Dhekelia cinema to mark 50 years

THE KEY Cinema at the British forces base in Dhekelia will mark 50 years of operating tomorrow and to celebrate they will be screening the brand new James Bond epic.

The latest Bond film Quantum of Solace will receive a special showing, just two weeks after it was released in British theatres.

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Police question Syrian asylum seekers

TWENTY-SEVEN Syrian illegal immigrants who entered the free areas through the north were found by Larnaca police yesterday.

According to Larnaca police spokesman Christos Andreou, “27 people – men, women and children were found by the police at the Immigration Department where they went to seek political asylum.”

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