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A night in rock heaven

GOING to the Whitesnake concert on Thursday night was one of the best ideas I have had in years.

Words can’t describe the night that was had by all – my group of friends, little cousin and work colleagues.

In fact, what with the bar being within touching distance, it’s quite a surprise I’m in any fit state to write this at all.

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Are star signs just that old black magic?

I KNOW it must be a load of mumbo jumbo. I know that groups of stars, that aren’t even groups of stars, that have been artificially contrived into patterns by the ancients because they look vaguely like crabs or rams cannot sensibly have an influence on us. And yet, I find myself looking at the invite. “Come to a Scorpio party”. “But I’m not a Scorpio,” I say to Elena.

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From the sublime to the ridiculous

THEY call him ‘Taliban Tommy’ these days or TT in newspeak. He advocates the burning of proposed new history books – which by the way haven’t even been agreed on, let alone written or distributed in schools. It’s just the thought of pluralism – it makes TT froth at the mouth.

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