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Think positively for peace

AN EIGHT-day Internet Peace Experiment, which was aimed at seeing if positive thought directed at a conflict area by a large number of people at the same time could influence events, says violence appeared to drop dramatically four weeks later.

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Just don’t feed the monkeys

HAVE YOU ever drawn the short straw? Ever been selected from an audience of thousands to assist a bunch of clowns as the hapless patsy in their routine? I wasn’t even anywhere near the front row in Eleftheria stadium when the Moscow state circus honoured me in that l way.

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When backward means forward

PRICES AT the pumps have fallen by an average of 20 per cent since the collapse in the oil price. Can we expect a similar reduction in the cost of electricity? Since oil is priced in dollars and the dollar has strengthened against the euro by the same amount one would think not.

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New Paphos airport to open tonight

AT MIDNIGHT tonight the new improved Paphos airport is due to go online with the capacity to handle 2.7 million passengers a year.

The 18,500 square-metre terminal has 28 check-in counters and three baggage conveyor belts, parking for 800 vehicles and will employ 1,800 people.

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