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Healing horses: freedom for those with special needs

‘There is nothing so good for the inside of a man,
as the outside of a horse’

ENTER through the gates at Episkopi into Happy Valley and it’s as if you’re in the English countryside: grassy fields, shady trees, the damp smell of a recent rain, stout ladies clad in muddy boots and the scent of hay, all coupled with the aroma of warm horse manure.

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Don’t lean on credit cards – especially now

THE CONSUMERS’ Association has urged credit cards users to try and pay off their balances following reports that card interest could go as high as 17 per cent.

Interest on credit cards is currently between 11 per cent and 13 per cent, and the Association is concerned because Cypriots tend to see their credit card as a means of borrowing money.

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Minister visits new airport

THE MINISTER of Communications and Works, Nicos Nicolaides, has given his seal of approval to the new Paphos airport.

The Minister visited the terminal yesterday and said that the airport would, “contribute to the strategic aim of the government to turn Cyprus into a very important communications hub in the south-eastern part of Europe.”

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Build up business experience in China

EUROPEAN managers are being strongly encouraged to to gain language and work experience in China as part of an innovate Managers Exchange programme (METP).

During a press briefing in Brussels on Monday, representatives from the European Parliament and the European Commission strongly encouraged participation in the programme.

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CyTA hands out helmets for children

CYTA yesterday gave 12,000 safety helmets to the Head of Police for the children visiting the police headquarters’ Road Safety Park.

According to a CyTA statement, “The helmets will be offered as a gift to primary school pupils, as part of the organised training courses that are conducted by the Department for Road Safety in the police headquarters’ Road Safety Park in Nicosia”.

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