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Water situation remains critical, officials warn

A TOP government official warned yesterday that continued water shortages on the island meant Cyprus was not out of the danger zone yet.

Principal Water Engineer Sophoclis Aletraris said water supply was still in a bad way, despite recent rainfall in the cities. Farmers in particular were singled out for concern, he noted.

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Savouring every moment of freedom

Former hostage Ingrid Betancourt is still savouring every moment of being reunited with her family after spending six years as a hostage in the Colombian jungle. In an exclusive interview with the Cyprus Mail, she tells of her dramatic rescue and how she can no longer take the simplest of pleasures for granted.

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Survey shows dizzying rise in food prices

As the holiday season draws closer, can we look forward to the customary spending spree or are lean times ahead?

According to Phileleftheros yesterday, prices of several commodities have shot up compared to last November, and unless the numbers start dropping by next month, filling your Christmas cart will become a near-impossible task.

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Massive water leak nearly leaves Nicosia dry

A LEAK in the central water pipe that feeds the whole of Nicosia yesterday nearly left the Capital without water.

The Water Development Department announced that 2,000 cubic metres of water were lost while it was being fixed.

For 12 hours there was no water going to the local water boards, which prompted the Nicosia Water Board into taking emergency measures.

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Paphos residents shocked by water bills

A QUARTER of residents in Paphos have complained about their latest water bills, claiming they are being charged too much.

Households had been warned about the increased rates for heavy users, but have nevertheless been left reeling by the latest bills, issued under the new tariff system.

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