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DISY and DIKO swing behind full smoking ban

DISY and DIKO have decided to join the Greens and back a full smoking ban in all public areas.

Up until Wednesday, the Green Party’s proposal for a total ban was met with a series of reactions from the parliamentary parties, with AKEL, EDEK and EVROKO backing a ban in public areas, while also offering establishments the right to build a separate area designated to smokers.

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New York crash victim to be buried in Limassol today

THE FUNERAL of the Cypriot woman killed in a horrific car crash involving a drunk driver in New York last Sunday is due to take place in Limassol today.

Panayiotia Demetriou, who left Cyprus seven years ago to study in the US, was coming home from a night out with friends in the early hours of Sunday when the cab she was in was broadsided by a Range Rover.

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Animal rights group plans court action over dog cruelty

ANIMAL rights activists are planning to take to court a couple for an alleged act of unbelievable cruelty to a pooch, who was tied, Crucifixion-style, to a balcony railing for six straight hours.

The shocking scene took place in Ayia Napa last May. It was captured on digital camera by a distressed tourist, after he had heard the dog crying for some time.

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Man electrocuted on building site

AN INDIAN national yesterday died in a freak accident after being electrocuted on power cables.

The man, 35, was visiting a construction site in Dromolaxia, looking for a job. While speaking with workers there, he picked up two iron bars, apparently in order to demonstrate he had the requisite skills for the job.

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Why did my daughter have to die?

OXANA Rantseva has been dead for nearly eight years. Her father, Nikolai Mikhailovich Rantsev, still wants answers surrounding her death.

The 20-year-old Russian plunged to her death from a fifth storey apartment in Limassol on March 29, 2001. Her body was found only an hour after police had released her into the custody of her employer, a well-known local cabaret owner.

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Rice batch withdrawn from market

THE HEALTH Services yesterday warned consumers that they had ordered the withdrawal of a rice contaminated with insects and filaments unfit for human consumption.

According to yesterday’s announcement, the rice is Carolina rice with the brand name “COOP”, packaged in a clear plastic pouch weighing one kilo with the country of origin Uruguay.

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