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€284.2 million for social manifesto pledges

THE GOVERNMENT’S social commitments were all included in a supplementary budget submitted to Parliament yesterday.

According to the Chairman of the House Finance Committee, Antigoni Papadopoulou of DIKO, “Everything regarding the government’s pre-election commitments on social policy is included.”

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Scans for former president

FORMER President Tassos Papadopoulos underwent a CAT scan examination yesterday after he was admitted to Evangelistria Clinic on Wednesday complaining of lower back pains.

Papadopoulos told reporters that he was feeling better. “The reason I entered the clinic are the back pains I have been suffering for a few days now.”

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Scare tactics backfire

AN ESTRANGED husband’s attempt to frighten his wife seemed to backfire on him yesterday, when he went into shock after firing his rifle.

The bizarre incident took place in Limassol outside a sports arena, where the woman had dropped off her son. Her husband arrived separately, and an argument ensued between the two.

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At last we may find the true cost of water

WE MAY be forgiven for thinking the worst of the water crisis is over. Yes, our supply is still rationed, but the baking heat of summer is over and the shorter days mean the earth is not as desperately parched as it was a few weeks backs. We’ve even had some spots of heavy rain, washing away the dust of summer and encouraging some new green growth.

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‘Never waste a crisis’: can Obama change the game?

U.S. PRESIDENT-elect Barack Obama inherits the in-box from hell, but an all-points crisis like the present one also creates opportunities for radical change that do not exist in more normal times. As Rahm Emanuel, his newly appointed chief of staff, put it: “Never waste a crisis.” Is Obama clever enough and radical enough to seize those opportunities?

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