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Bar Review by Emily Millett

Leave your pretensions at the door

Scaraveos Bar, Nicosia

In a city where, for so many, meeting friends for coffee means donning your best designer gear, it’s a pleasant surprise when you stumble across a place as effortlessly cool as Scaraveos, right in the centre of Nicosia.

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Interview by Jill Campbell Mackay

Toying with love and affection

Charmed by the big old buses that ply parts of the island, one man has created his own miniature version

Women, on the whole, will find it somewhat difficult to understand a grown man who, rather than grapple with the world of soft furnishings and shopping, chooses the safety and security of the toy room, or in this case the garden shed.

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Incredible Ingredients…Date Palm by Nathalie Kyrou

The leaves and wood of the Date Palm tree have had a multitude of uses across the world over time but the oval-cylindrical fruit, which grows off the tree itself, is just as important. Dates have always been a valuable, traditional crop in the Arab world, and they are mentioned numerous times in the Quran.

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