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Turkey will not deter oil search

TURKISH gunships seem to have backed off, at least for the time being, from harassing Cypriot-commissioned exploratory ships, amid reports that the government has concluded an initial agreement with a US corporation for oil-drilling off the southern coast of the island.

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‘Conservative’ Cypriot banks a haven in the maelstrom

THE Cypriot banking sector is robust and in no danger of disintegrating under the weight of the global credit crunch, a top banker said yesterday.

“Cyprus is perhaps the only country in the EU where a bailout plan has been unnecessary,” said Andreas Vgenopoulos, vice-chairman of Marfin Popular Bank, the island’s second largest financial institution.

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Donor pays for body to be sent to India

AN anonymous Cypriot donor paid €2,000 to transfer the body of 38-year-old Amarji Singh to India, after he died in a freak accident last Thursday electrocuted on power cables on a construction site in Dromolaxia.

According to Politis newspaper, the Indian High Commission refused to pay the expenses of transporting the body to India because Singh had claimed political asylum.

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Soldier killed in car accident

A 19-YEAR-old soldier, Andreas Iacovou was killed, and an 18-year-old soldier, Constandinos Neophytou, seriously wounded in an accident on Makarios Avenue in Limassol in the early hours of yesterday.

They had jumped a red light and were not wearing seatbelts. The car they crashed into was driven by a drunk driver.

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