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The inside track on money laundering

WHO better to teach you about money laundering than a reformed money launderer?

Cypriot banks, lawyers and financial crime officers are to be given the inside scoop on the ‘tricks of the trade’ tomorrow and on Tuesday in Nicosia and Limassol respectively.

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Casting an expert eye on the new Paphos airport

A RETIRED British pilot was one of a handful of passengers to fly out of the new terminal in Paphos, just after it opened, after flying into the old one, a week earlier.

Frequent visitor to Cyprus Geoff Hall and his wife Judith are well-seasoned travellers and enjoy holidaying abroad several times a year. They’ve been coming to Paphos for eight years and stay at the Elysium Hotel.

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Christmas shopping hours from Monday

THE LABOUR Department of the Labour Ministry has announced that, during the Christmas period beginning on Monday December 1 and ending Wednesday December 31 inclusive, each general store may apply the following hours:

Monday to Sunday, from 5am until 8pm

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve from 5am until 6pm

Christmas Day and Boxing Day closed

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Does anyone really want reunification?

ANYONE not familiar with the long history of grandstanding and political bluster associated with the Cyprus problem would have thought that the events of the last week have put paid to any hope that the two leaders would ever reach an agreement.

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Guardians of official myths and lies

MUCH FUSS has been made of late about the modern history of Cyprus. On news that the Education Ministry was re-examining the content of text books about the recent history of Cyprus, there was a hostile reaction and the country was suddenly awash with self-appointed defenders of the existing history books.

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Whatson by Zoe Christodoulides

A different world

Hundreds of photographs of the island taken in 1962 are on show in a striking major exhibition in Nicosia

The year was 1962 and Cyprus was just learning how to stand on its own two feet independently. As with everything in life, baby steps had to be taken as islanders adjusted to the change that the new Republic brought with it.

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