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Looking good with Ilia Georgiou


Cast a spell with these bewitching fragrances and cosmetics

GIVENCHY Ange ou Demon Dark and light come together in this fragrance, a paradox of angelic and demonic forces that will leave your object of desire helpless and unable to resist!
Price: €49.50 for 30ml, from parfumeries

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Tried and Tested By Zoe Christodoulides

Senses Reviver Foot Massage and Spa Pedicure

Set to open its doors this Tuesday, Quick Spa will introduce a new kind of spa therapy in the centre of the capital, designed for the woman on the go. A sister branch of the well known Dessange Spa, prices here are substantially cheaper while treatments take less time, allowing busy clients to combine a couple of them in one visit.

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Plant of the week with Alexander McCowan

Poisonous plant that is popular with brides

Name: Lily-of-the-Valley (Convallaria magalis). The specific name, magalis, indicates that it belongs to Maia, the daughter of Atlas, and obviously arises from the plant’s flowering period: May.

Otherwise known as: May Lily, Our Lady’s Tears

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Incredible Ingredients…Mint by Nathalie Kyrou

If you want to feel in mint condition, there is no better plant to use than mint. Originally used as a medicinal herb to treat stomach ache and chest pains, mint is still used today to aid digestion, often consumed as tea. During the Middle Ages, powdered mint leaves were used to whiten teeth, and nowadays menthol from mint essential oil is an ingredient of many cosmetics and certain perfumes.

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Recipes with Maria Socratous

Bake ahead for Christmas

It may not be Christmas yet, but it’s certainly time to get organised

Yule Slice

Dairy free cake that keeps well for 2 weeks wrapped tightly in foil
Cuts into 16 thin slices

200g walnut halves
100g hazelnuts
50g blanched almonds
200g raisins
100g pitted dates, chopped

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Wines with George Kassianos

The social drug, the origins

Champagne: the wine that makes you giggle

Champagne is France’s greatest palpable contribution to human happiness. Gaiety rather than happiness perhaps, but otherwise no argument. This highly artificial, slightly perverse, mixture of wine and gas is the social drug par excellence and a symbol of celebration worldwide.

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