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Man arrested taking jewels out of country

A 39-YEAR-old man was stopped at Larnaca airport after he was caught trying to leave Cyprus with over $200,000 in jewels and cash, police said yesterday.

The man was arrested at around 6.30pm on Friday after police found $38,850 in cash and around $179,000 worth of jewellery in his luggage.

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The government must go against its socialist beliefs

WHEN Finance Minister Charilaos Stavrakis presented his budget for 2009 last September, this paper accused him of ignoring what was happening in the rest of the world and of “promoting the myth that Cyprus, somehow, would be unaffected by what he himself had described as an unprecedented world economic crisis.” On September 21, in this space, we had said the following: “Prevailing economic conditi

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I just don’t get it any more

I HAVE a confession to make. I don’t get it. By “it” I mean everything.

If I had to narrow it down, I’d say my biggest struggle at the moment is making sense of news. And that’s coming from a newsman.

The thing is, and I may be alone in this, I find it increasingly hard to do the math, join the dots, bite the bullet, weed out the shit and stay off the Prozac.

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Surviving the crunch

IMAGINE the odds I could have got at the bookies. A win treble on George becoming a Socialist, Gordon becoming popular and the banks actually owing us money. Even a small wager would have returned sufficient for me not to worry about the credit crunch and worldwide recession.

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The dove of Lac Leman of Lausanne

IN THE early 1980s, then UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim told me during one of our meetings, that on the basis of his long experience, the South Africans were the most intransigent negotiators trailed by the Israelis and the Turks.

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