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Orams ruling niggling Cyprus talks

A TANGIBLE sense of anger and indignation hung over the breakaway Turkish Cypriot north as it woke up yesterday to the implications of Tuesday’s European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on the Orams case, and how it might affect the ongoing peace talks.

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Flu medicines flying off the shelves

FLU TREATMENTS yesterday flew off the shelves as Cypriots stocked up on medications in light of a global pandemic.

Pharmacists’ Association president Nikos Nouris said the first people who had purchased the drugs were ones planning to travel abroad. However the treatment was not a preventative and should only be taken at the first onset of flu symptoms.

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Libya keen to invest in Cyprus exploration

LIBYA’S top oil official said yesterday his country is keen to invest in oil-and-gas exploration off Cyprus’ southern coast.

Shukri Ghanem said Libya is “very much interested in looking at different possibilities of investment” in a search for oil and gas deposits inside the island’s exclusive economic zone.

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Cannabis nursery found in Nicosia apartment

ONE hundred and fifty cannabis plants were found in a Nicosia apartment on Tuesday night. A 36-year-old man was arrested in connection with the find and yesterday remanded in custody for eight days. The plants, 45-85 centimetres in height, were located in two rooms specially set up to grow the plants, police said.

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