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House approves ban on smoking

New law takes effect on January 1… but smokers can still find relief out of doors

CYPRUS yesterday joined a long list of EU countries that have banned smoking in public places, after parliament passed a bill following a lively debate that dragged long into the night.

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Government prepares to order H1N1 vaccine

Clinical trials will help determine who many doses are needed

meeting of the Council of Ministers will consider a proposal to establish a multi-million euro fund for advance purchases of the H1N1 vaccine, Health Minister Christos Patsallides confirmed to the Cyprus Mail yesterday.

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‘No tolerance for corrupt cops’

New police chief pledges to restore public confidence in the force

POLICE CHIEF Michalis Papageorgiou yesterday pledged to purge the force of its rotten apples and restore public confidence after a series of revelations and scandals revealing widespread corruption rocked the force.

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‘The army has improved beyond recognition’

PERMANENT Secretary of the Defence Ministry Petros Kareklas yesterday dismissed the implorations of some parents to get their sons out of the army as “exaggerations”, reassuring them that conditions in the army had improved “beyond recognition”.

He said two years of service contributed greatly to the “atmosphere of safety in society”, as well as to the individuals themselves.

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Pafilia donates parking lot to ease Limassol traffic

PAFILIA yesterday announced that it will grant a site owned by the company to the Municipality of Limassol to be used as a parking lot, in a bid to ease Limassol’s traffic congestion problem.

The move is part of Pafilia’s corporate responsibility programme and will involve the company covering the expenses of converting the site into a parking lot.

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Please, look out for those hedgehogs

THE FORESTRY Department has urged motorists to keep a keen eye out for hedgehogs crossing the streets, as the small mammals offer natural pest control and can make great garden companions.

The department says hedgehog numbers in Cyprus have been steadily decreasing due to a perception that these animals are ‘worthless’.

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