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Commerce minister demands reduction in prices

FUEL PRICES are to come down immediately after a demand made yesterday by the Commerce Minister who plans to make similar demands on bread and milk suppliers in the next few days.

The Ministry of Commerce yesterday held a string of meetings to discuss the issue of high prices and profiteering, particularly for commodities such as petrol, milk and bread.

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Outcry after sea caves destroyed by developer

DEVELOPERS using heavy machinery to cut into the coastal rock formations are destroying the area of the sea caves in Peyia in Paphos.

On Friday, residents of the area complained to local councillor Linda Leblanc, that a developer was bulldozing the seafront near the sea caves.

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Signs of rift between Talat and UBP

SIGNS OF a major rift between Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat and the newly-elected right-wing National Unity Party (UBP) emerged over the weekend as Talat travelled to Ankara yesterday for talks with the Turkish government without his ‘foreign minister’ Huseyin Ozgurgun.

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Private villa rentals scourge to hotel industry

HOTELIERS yesterday partly blamed low occupancy levels on the burgeoning industry of private villa rentals that are taking their business.

While hoteliers have been bemoaning the fact that occupancy was down 20 per cent on average this year, government statistics show that tourism arrivals are down around half that amount.

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Water leaks on the increase

NICOSIA had to deal with 105 water leaks over the weekend due to high temperatures, an increased demand for water, the fixing of roads and from water pressure in the pipes.

Nicos Zambakides Director of the Nicosia Water Board said: “Last year we only managed to fill people’s tanks while this year we fill them up and also provide

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