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‘Quarry blocks are being thrown into the sea’

ROCKS being blasted out of a Turkish Cypriot village in Paphos are being used to form wave breakers in Latsi, according to Androlikou campaigner Yiannis Taliotis.

He confirmed to the Cyprus Mail that he had been given the information by one of the owners of the mining company responsible for the blasts.

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‘No crime in throwing a sex cruise’

CLAIMS THAT a series of ‘mass orgies’ have been taking place on an Ayia Napa cruise ship will not be investigated by local police.

New photographs showing what appear to be sexual orgies have been published in Norway and come just three years after police investigated similar claims that British and Scandinavian tourists were involved in organised romps on the high seas.

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Cyprus in brief July 21

Outrage over Turkish flags

Three Turkish flags were placed around Paphos on Sunday night, on the eve of the date marking the 1974 Turkish invasion of the island. Two of the flags were placed on the bridge spanning the motorway at Konia, the main entrance into Paphos from the East.

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Bunadoon – the first bottled water free zone

IT’S STANDARD in Cyprus and Greece to provide a glass of tap water when you first sit down at the table. Free and easy; a sensible and hospitable welcome in a hot climate. One feels embarrassingly grateful. But in much of Europe, not only do you have to ask for water but when it is provided it comes bottled and expensive.

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